Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall Pictures 2014

 Last year, we had some fall family photos done with my friend, Jenae, from A Perfect Pixel, and I absolutely loved them. Believe me when I say she is A.MAZ.ING. She's taken lot's of pics of our kiddos and family, so I'm always excited to see what she will create for us next.
And this year, our family pictures were, once again, absolutely incredible. If you follow me on IG and Facebook, you've already seen them. No props, no costumes. Just a gorgeous natural environment, a toddler that refused to smile, a happy 5 month old, and a less-than-thrilled-but-I'm going-to-do-this-anyway-and-I-might-like-it-a-little-bit hubby. And a very patient and fun photographer!
I wanted a "coordinating but not matchy" look for the kids, since it was our first official photo shoot as a family of 4. And, I opted for my favorite color these days- navy. Both of the kid's outfits are from Smocked Auctions, my go-to website. T's adorable navy Mary-Janes are from Gap, her monogrammed "T" bow is from Sparkle's Children's Boutique in Mrytle Beach, and Crew's oxford collar onesie, bowtie, and shoes are from Gymboree. Luckily, the outfits look even better than I imagined!



To see the full gallery, click here.
Thank you again Jenae, you're the best!
Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

If you follow me on IG or Facebook, you already know that Tinley is obsessed with Princess Sophia. Every morning, she has to put on Sophia panties, it's pretty much the only thing she'll watch on TV, and if it is made with Sophia on it, chances are, she has it. Not kidding.

So, when the time came to start thinking about Halloween this year, I thought I would give T a chance to pick her own costume. And, of course, she picked Princess Sophia. Big shocker. After searching the internet high and low with no luck (this was the first year she was actually into Halloween; she NEEDED an authentic costume!) I headed to the Disney Store, where I found Sophia's dress, shoes, crown, and of course, the magical light-up Amulet, because no Sophia costume would be complete without that. She absolutely LOVED her costume, and I had to practically pry it off of her.
And, since T is old enough to pick her own costume, I figured I would torture Crew this year. He played the part of Sophia's pet rabbit, Clover. Clearly, he loved it. Okay, maybe he wasn't too excited about the hat that covered his eyes and the feet that were gigantic, but he sure looked adorable. In fact, they made the cutest pair!
I can't wait for next year to dress them up as a duo again... I know this will only last a few years, so I might as well enjoy it while I can!

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween with more treats and less tricks!

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