Friday, February 28, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!
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Can you believe today is the last day of February? I honestly don't know where time goes...
Anyway, I found this super cute printable on The Shabby Creek Cottage's blog. I'm loving the green and clovers- so festive and fun and I can't wait to fill it up! 


I'm a sucker for good lip gloss. Seriously. If you dumped out my purse, you would find probably 20 different lip glosses and chap sticks. Hey, a girl's gotta have options, right?
I'm currently obsessing over Stila's lip glaze. All of the colors are great and it doesn't go on too sticky like other glazes I've tried. For more Stila products, check out Sephora.


Spring is right around the corner, and we all know what that means... that VS Swim catalog should be arriving any day now! Unfortunately for me and my 8 month preggo self, I am NOT in the bathing suit shopping mood quite yet. Give me a few months.
However, that doesn't mean I can't shop for suits for T. And boy, are there some cute ones this year! Of course, she already has like 20 (NOT KIDDING), but I came across this one by Mud Pie and I'm pretty sure Miss Tinley has to have it. Pink ruffles and sequins... I'm dying!


I never win anything. Ever. But, a few weeks ago, I participated in one of my favorite link-ups, "It's The Little Things," (check 'em out every Wednesday!) and they were giving away this adorable fold over clutch from FlyChicks and guess who won?
YEP, this girl! :o)
I received it Wednesday, and I can not wait to use it! FYI- It's even more fab in person!


I have to be a mom and brag about my daughter for a just a minute. After all, just look at how precious she is! I was sent this image that someone came across in a magazine. Proud mommy moment. :o)
Okay, I'm done.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!






Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's the little things

Happy Wednesday sweets! I'm linking up today with Ashley from Words About Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique for "It's the Little Things." I just LOVE this link up.
While daddy worked on Little Man's nursery all day Saturday, T and I had to get out of the house, so we headed to the mall for lunch, shopping, and playtime!
Before I had Tinley, I swore up and down that I would not let my child run around those mall play areas. Bare feet. Kiddie germs. Snotty noses. YUCK.
But, it's impossible to walk past the play area and NOT stop. (Especially when T throws out the "peeeese mommy!") I mean seriously, the girl is extremely social and LOVES playing with other kids. So, what the heck right? If it makes her happy, it makes me happy. Besides, I'm not gonna lie, it's nice to sit and relax and just watch. And yes, we bathed in hand sanitizer when we left.
T insisted on pushing her stroller all the way back to the car when we were leaving. And of course, I was right behind her snapping pics like the paparazzi. People looked at me like I was nuts. Yes, I'm that mom, but I don't care! She was adorable, and I wasn't going to let a photo opp like this pass me by. Such a good big sis already! And how cute is she in chambray, leopard, and her ribbon Uggs? I die.
Once we got home, we took our weekly "bump pic." I've been a little slack this time around, but it's much more difficult with a toddler running everywhere. Besides, she doesn't always cooperate with her sign. But, this time, she hammed it up. I love her. I can't believe we're 10 weeks away from meeting little man!



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Post Valentine's Day

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So I'm a little late, but I couldn't resist sharing these pictures of our Valentine's Day cutie...

I mentioned this sweater dress here and it looked even cuter on T! She wore it to our Mexican Valentine's Day dinner. Romantic right? Hey, when you have a hungry toddler, you go where there isn't a wait. Besides, where else can she have heart-shaped chips and salsa? And by the way, how adorable is that monogrammed bow?!

My little cheese ball sporting her Valentine's Day outfit from Gymboree, which I mentioned in this post. Yes, she even had on the heart panties! I was bummed the red ribbon Mary-Janes were too big, but she looked almost as cute in her red Toms. Besides, she loves the fact that she can get them on and off herself. You can stop growing now. Thanks. 

Bring on St. Patty's Day, us blondes look great in green. ;o) Happy Tuesday friends!

Friday, February 21, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!
Today, I'm linking up for 5 on Friday for some fun with April, DarciChristina, and Natasha! I hope you will join in!
We have had a brutal winter up north. If it's not snow, it's ice and freezing rain, and I can't tell you how many times I've seen that little negative sign show up on my car thermometer. Mr. Minus, you are NOT my friend! I can not wait for sunshine and summertime. I'd love to be back in Cabo right now... I think we need to plan another babymoon stat!


Since being pregnant, I've really tried to cut back on my caffeine intake. For those of you that know me, you know I have a slight addiction to Mountain Dew. I've been doing so good; even when I see hubs drinking one, I haven't given in  but only a few times.
I have though, lately, developed a strong love for Root Beer, preferably in a frosty mug. Forget the vanilla ice cream, I just need the drink! And best of all, it's caffeine free! YUM!

Fellow mamas-to-be, if you haven't tried this stuff, you don't know what you're missing! Bio-Oil became by best friend when I was preggo with Tinley, and I don't have a single stretch mark. Plus, it helps with that itchy skin! I lather it on after the shower every morning, and let it dry before getting dressed. It does leave you a bit greasy feeling, but it's so worth it! I HIGHLY recommend it.
I mentioned before our crazy weather we've been having, and lately, it's been a wet, muddy mess! My Hunter boots have been the perfect accessory, whether dressing up or just being casual. And they're so comfy and warm too!

I came across this adorable monogrammed baby blanket on Etsy and pretty much fell in love. I'm thinking baby Slater HAS to have this, in boy colors of course. Now to just decide on the name... 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Little Things Link Up

Wow, Wednesday already! Is it just me or is this week flying by?
I'm linking up again with Ashley from Words About Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique for "It's the Little Things." I just LOVE this link up.

Some of you may remember Jamy's Baby Shower post from a few weeks back. We celebrated sweet baby boy Lowe with our close group of friends on a snowy Saturday afternoon. It was perfect.

Well, Jamy had a healthy baby boy on February 4th, 2014 after a quick labor. That girl was made to have babies! I can only hope to have half as easy of a labor as her!
Anyway, we had dinner at their house last Sunday evening, and Tinley was madly in love with Baby Easton! When she saw him on our visit before, she didn't show much interest in him; she just wanted to play with Addison and Ashlyn. But, this time, she was obsessed with him. She wanted to play with his swing, watch him drink his bottle, help change his diaper. And the cutest thing of all? She kept tickling his feet. I have no doubt that she will make the best big sister come May, and I can not wait to watch our little boys grow up together! They don't even know it yet, but they're BFF's already. :o)

 I love our (growing) group of friends that are more like family, and relaxing Sunday nights like this. Our weekends certainly have changed, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Truly the little things...


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TTT: Frozen Style

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A few weekends ago, on a snowy Saturday afternoon, I decided to take Tinley to her first movie to see Frozen. I didn't know what to really expect, seeing as how she just turned 2 and doesn't really show much interest to TV, but nonetheless, I dressed her in a very appropriate Frozen outfit, which is part of Gymboree's Snowflake Collection and we headed off to the theatre.

She made it almost through the whole movie, ate her weight in popcorn and hotdogs, made 2 potty breaks, clapped, danced, and sang. I'd say our first movie experience was a success and I can't wait to take her to another one!


Monday, February 17, 2014

28 Week Bumpdate

Happy Monday friends! Yesterday marked 28 weeks. I can't believe how fast time is seeming to fly by this time around!

How Far Along:
28 weeks and 1 day

Size of baby: 
According to The Bump, baby is the size of a eggplant!
Maternity Clothes:
Maternity sweaters, tunics, and leggings are becoming my besties, although I can still rock a lot of non-maternity clothes that are stretchy and loose. 

Weight Gain:
At my last doctor's appointment, I lost 3 more lbs, but I was sick all last week, so I'm thinking that has something to do with it. Baby is measuring right on track, so that's what's important. To date, I've gained 11 lbs.

It's a boy! In case you missed that announcement, click here!

Little man is constantly on the go and always has the hiccups! I forgot what that felt like.

I am starting to get less and less comfortable at night on my side. I had to bust out my Boppy pregnancy pillow last week.

What I miss: 
Mountain Dew, wine/beer, rare steak, and lately, sushi. Not like I ever eat it anyway because hubs doesn't like it. It must have been all those Valentine's Day date night pics I was drooling over....

Veggies, salad, Root Beer, popcorn, and anything sweet still!

Lot's of pressure "down there" and more back pains, but nothing unbearable yet

Favorite Moment This Week: 
Hearing the heart beat never gets old.... at my doctor's appointment last week it was a steady 150 bpm.

Worst Moment This Week:
Uncomfortable nights

Looking Forward To:
FINALLY starting on the nursery and picking a name. Stay tuned. :o)


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