Friday, August 30, 2013

Our Honeymoon

I've spent all this week looking back on our wedding, and all that led up to it. Today, I'm reminiscing on the perfect week we spent in Cabo after all was said and done: our honeymoon. 

I guess that trip started something; seeing as how we've been back to Cabo twice since, and are looking to plan another one soon. We just both absolutely LOVE it. I think if Justin had it his way, we would move there! There's just something about Cabo. If you've never been, I highly suggest going! Anyway, here are some pics from our honeymoon trip...

At the airport, waiting for our flight the morning after our wedding

The view from our balcony

Yay for being in Cabo!

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Our first honeymoon treat delivered to our room upon our arrival

Dinner at our favorite place, Lorenzillos

A night out. Little did we know, this would become our favorite bar with our favorite bartender!

Huts on the beach 

Dinner at the Italian restaurant at our resort

Dinner outside our resort

In front of El Archo, the famous Arch

Our beach dinner

Justin's first Marlin!

My first Marlin!

Such a fun trip with Ramon & Fernandez on the Dream Weaver!

Hungry sea lions followed our boat!

Cheers to our first Marlins!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wedding Festivities: Part 4

I'm talking all wedding, all week! 

I found our wedding feature on the popular blog, Inspired By ThisCheck it out!

It has been so much fun reminiscing on all of our wedding events. It really only seems like yesterday. Of course, the most fun part of any wedding is the reception, so today, I'll be sharing some pictures from our's. Boy, was it fabulous!

What a party! Looking at these pictures makes me want to go and do it all again! Think my parents would go for that?! 

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