Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aloha Y'all Giveaway!

Remember a few weeks ago when I introduced y'all to my girlfriend's new boutique, Aloha Y'all?! If not, click here. Well, anyway, she has been so generous enough to offer one lucky winner a $45 gift certificate!

I love this boutique, not only because of the people that run it, or because of their fab clothes, but because of their guidelines:

  • Keep it cute! We will only sell ridiculously cute items! It should be a struggle for Dana not to keep one of everything!
  • Keep it fresh! We will not sell last years fashions. We will only keep items on our site that are in style!
  • Keep it simple! We strive to never have more then 20 items in any category. Why should we stock 100 items that are “ok” when we can stock 20 that are amazing!
  • Have fun! Dana has always loved style, fashion, and retail. Mike has always loved website design and marketing. We want to build a company doing what we love, together!

Check out their website, Aloha Y'all, and don't forget to enter to win a $45 gift card! The contest will run through Friday. Good luck!


  1. I would get me a chevron dress I've been drooling over :)

  2. I love everything they sell!! Especially the Chevron Dress

  3. I am dying over the chevron dress! Cute, cute clothes!!

  4. I already have the blue/pink chevron dress & LOVE it! I would totally buy the bow dress next!

  5. What a lovely boutique :)
    Fun and quirky clothes for your little one

  6. I love the Aztec Maxi Dress, the chevron dress and the teal bow dress!

  7. The Wave dress is so pretty! :)

  8. I love the taupe/coral pocket dress!

  9. i would buy that bow dress!! or the maxi dress! eeeek so cute


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