Monday, August 19, 2013

What a weekend!

Ughh, is it really Monday already? Why is it that the week days seem to drag, yet the weekend flies by? Is that the case for anyone else?

Although, today, is an exciting Monday, because it's the start of Lilly Pulitzer's Endless Summer Online Sale! T woke up early this morning; just in time for me to hop on their website and see what amazing deals they have to offer, only to find that the website is down! Too much traffic I suppose, but I'll keep checking throughout the day. If anyone has any luck, let me know! 

And now, on to our fun-filled family weekend....

Friday afternoon, I took Tinley to Soak City for the first time in a while. We've had such a funky summer here in Ohio. If it's not raining, it's cloudy and chilly. We've had very few sunny and 80 degree days. I think this week and next week are supposed to be the hottest to date, which is so weird for us. But, I'll take what I can get! 

Anyway, my friend, Brynn, and her little boy that's about 6 months older than Tinley joined us, and the kids had a ball playing. Tinley didn't even make it out of the parking lot before we fell asleep! 


That evening, we hung out at home, played outside a little, had dinner, then went to Tofts to get some ice cream. For those of you not familiar with Tofts, it's pretty much famous in our area. It's Ohio's oldest dairy farm, and is a landmark is our community. Not to mention, they have the BEST ice cream!

Saturday morning, Justin and I decided to make the short drive to Cleveland to take T to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The drive is about an hour, and T slept a total of 30 minutes, so she was kind of cranky. Add in lot's of people and a hot sun beaming down, and it makes for one unhappy toddler. (and hubby!) Nonetheless, it was a fun day, and she did enjoy some of the exhibits: she loved the giraffes and seals, and we even got to see an African Elephant up close, which was very cool. I'm thinking next summer when she's a little older, she will really enjoy the zoo, and I'm so happy to know we had a great one very close to us!

After we got home, we decided to visit Justin's cousin, Ashley, and her husband, Justin. They have 2 girls, Alexis, who is 5, and Laney, who is 9 days younger than Tinley. And, they just recently had a little baby boy. He was in the hospital for a week, due to being premature and having wet lungs, but they were sent home Saturday, after a good doctor review, so we went to go visit. And boy is he a cutie! His name is Mark James, MJ for short, and he has a head full of dark hair! He was so tiny, I was afraid to hold him at first, but my maternal instincts quickly came back once Ashley handed him to me. So sweet! 

We called it a night and Tinley went to bed shortly after we got home, and we weren't far behind! Saturday nights sure aren't what they used to be!

Sunday, we had another nice day, so Justin and I took T to her favorite place, Soak City. Twice in one weekend, what a lucky girl! We spent about 3 hours there, and she started to get tired, so we headed home. She napped for over 2 hours, and Justin and I enjoyed some quiet time outside with a few adult beverages. Once she woke up, we let her play outside for a bit. Then, we got ready and went to dinner with the Lowes for Jeremy's birthday. 


I'd say it was a fun-filled family weekend! 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!


  1. What an action filled weekend! The dress she wore to the zoo is adorable!!

    1. It sure was girl, I think I'm still recovering! Ha! Thanks so much!


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