Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Festivities: Part 3

*Waring: Picture overload on this post, sorry!*

I'm talking all wedding, all week in honor of our Anniversary! Today, I'll be sharing pictures from my bachelorette party, my bridal luncheon, and a few from the rehearsal. 

It was difficult trying to decide where to do my bachelorette party. I had more friends in NC, but I wanted my Ohio friends to be able to attend also. I tried to think about everyone, and decided that going to Topsail Island in NC and staying at my MOH's beach house would be best. I drove myself, along with two of my friends from Ohio that were able to go, and we met everyone there. It was a fun and relaxing weekend with some of my best gal pals and my mom. That's all I wanted, and that's exactly what it was. Nothing fancy, nothing big. It was perfect. 

Our wedding was held in Sandusky, so we had family and friends from all over arriving throughout the week. Our wedding weekend technically began Thursday night. One of of favorite bars right down the street from our house had burger night every Thursday. We decided to invite anyone and everyone to join us for beer and burgers that night before the wedding chaos began. Almost the entire bridal party made it, as well as lot's of friends and family. It was such a fun night, and I'm glad we all got to have some fun before the big day!

Friday morning, all of the girls met at our house to ride together to the Bridal Luncheon at Mon Ami Winery. The guys all headed to Kelley's Island for the afternoon. We later all met at Water Street downtown to mingle, before all heading to the rehearsal together. It was such a gorgeous day, and it seemed to fly by, almost as fast as the wedding day itself! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful friends and family members. It was the perfect way to end my last day as a single lady!

After the rehearsal, we all headed to Justin's uncle's house, right on the water, where our rehearsal dinner was held. Again, it was the perfect evening. All of our close family members were there, as well as many of our dear friends, whom were invited to join in the festivities, since they were all mostly from out of town. After the dinner, the girls all went one way, and the guys all went another. The next time we would all be together would be at the wedding! 


  1. Ok your bach party looks right up my alley! I could spend all day on the river in a tube just sippin on a beer! So fun!
    And your rehearsal dinner party looked so beautiful! Those table flowers are just gorgeous!
    Loved all the pics, glad you celebrated every minute!

  2. So many fun pics! Sounds like it was perfect!!!


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