Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts & A Blog Hop!

Normally I'm not one that gets all sappy and gushy about Valentine's Day. It's such a "Hallmark Holiday," if you will. I know, that's not typically a girl's reaction to February 14th, but that's how I feel. I don't need a special day set aside for my hubby to waste money on flowers that are going to die, or a box of chocolate that will go to waste because half of them are nasty and cream-filled. Barf.
I do though, have to admit, that I'm a sucker for a good card. I have saved every card I've received for the past 10 years. Not kidding. I think I get that from my father. He's such a sap. He cries at Hallmark commercials. So, Justin knows a good card and nice bottle of wine (I will definitely look forward to drinking it in May!) will suffice for Valentine's Day.
But, for you women that insist on doing it up big, here's the perfect Gift Guide for you to print out and stick inside your hubby's brief case:

Andddd, speaking of Valentine's Day, I hope you will join me all next week for my very first Spread the Love Blog Hop!

Starting on Monday, February 10th, link up with anything you can possibly think of relating to Valentine's Day. It can be your favorite past date, a recipe or yummy goody, gift idea, or a fun craft to do with your little one. The possibilities are endless, and I am looking forward to seeing how you and your family spread the love on February 14th!


  1. Love your picks & your blog hop!!! I'll plan to join in!! :)

  2. FUN - good for you, girl! Glad you are doing this. I'll have to link-up on Friday! :)


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