Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TTT: Frozen Style

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A few weekends ago, on a snowy Saturday afternoon, I decided to take Tinley to her first movie to see Frozen. I didn't know what to really expect, seeing as how she just turned 2 and doesn't really show much interest to TV, but nonetheless, I dressed her in a very appropriate Frozen outfit, which is part of Gymboree's Snowflake Collection and we headed off to the theatre.

She made it almost through the whole movie, ate her weight in popcorn and hotdogs, made 2 potty breaks, clapped, danced, and sang. I'd say our first movie experience was a success and I can't wait to take her to another one!



  1. that outfit is adorable! What a big girl to go see her first movie AND remember to take potty breaks! :) What a fun moment!

  2. Oh my gosh... her outfit is too cute!! And sounds like she did amazing! Wasn't that the CUTEST movie?!?

  3. Love the outfit! I need to get those snowflake tights.
    I'm in my late twenties yet I still loved Frozen. Is it weird I've seen it 3 times now???



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