Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Friday everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day! 

Today, I'm linking up for 5 on Friday for some fun with April, DarciChristina, and Natasha! And, of course, it's the last day of my "Spread the Love" Blog Hop" too! I hope you will join in!

 Last night, we made cupcakes for Tinley's first Valentine's Day party. Of course, she wanted to help, so I promised her she could decorate them at the end. It of course made a huge mess, but it put a smile on her face (and mine!) so it was all worth it! They might not be the prettiest things, but they were made with love! After all, isn't that what today is all about? 

Okay, so she might have taste-tested a little... I figure she was just making sure they were okay for her pals!


My mom sent T the cutest little sweater dress and monogrammed outfit for Valentine's Day from Lolly Wolly Doodle. If you've never visited their site, I highly suggest it! You won't be sorry!



She didn't forget me or Justin either. Aren't parents the best? I'm in love with my new earrings from Stella & Dot


The simple fact that it's Valentine's Day today just gets everyone happy and giddy. Granted, I'm not really into it that much myself, but it's hard not to smile today. After all, everything is red and pink- my favorite color!


 So I'm not one for snow considering I now live in Ohio and get way too much of it, but I had to share this picture from my hometown of Wilmington, NC. They've been getting more snow and ice than they've ever had before, and this picture with the snow on the beach is just beautiful! I think this is one place I wouldn't mind being during a snowstorm!


  1. Looks like Tinley had a wonderful time decorating cupcakes! All those gifts from your mom are adorable! That beach picture is so cool. Near where we live, there is a place called White Sands and this picture looks exactly like it (minus the snow)! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Love the little sweater dress! Love the earrings!! And, snow on the beach is so cool looking!!!

  3. Hey girlie!!! Okay...I LOVE that last pic. My hubby and I just moved to Wilmy at the end of the summer! When the snow hit the beach, we couldn't walk there fast enough!!! We captured some crazy awesome pictures too! I posted them on the blog when it happened because I just couldn't get over the beauty and perfection of the ocean and the snow/ice! AMAZING sight. It felt like a possible once in a lifetime opportunity to witness!!!

    Anyway! :) So happy to have found your blog thanks to the linkup! Following you now on GFC...yipee! Cheers to that!

  4. Oh my goodness, isn't she so precious with the cupcakes?! And that sweater dress!! Im so glad to have found your blog....I hope your weekend was filled with love and celebration!

  5. Visiting from the link up. Tinley looks so cute decorating cupcakes!


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