Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A trip to the aquarium!

Sunday was a depressing rainy day. The fact that Justin is in Vegas for work all week made it even more depressing. I was determined to take the kids to do something fun. After racking my brain for ideas that I could entertain with a toddler AND a newborn solo, I settled for a trip to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. I had heard nothing but good things about all the different exhibits they had, and even saw on their website that they have a toddler room with puzzles, blocks, coloring, and touch tanks. Perfect.
So, I dressed the kiddos in their best aquarium outfits and off we went. Because you can't go to the aquarium without your fishy dress on. Duh.

 We had the best day seeing the all the fish & turtles, walking through the shark tube, waving to the scuba divers, feeding and touching the sting rays, exploring the toddler area, hitting up the gift shop where Little Miss just HAD to get a Nemo fishy because he matched her dress, and eating lunch at the Nautical CafĂ©! All that was missing was daddy, but we hope to go back soon when he can join us!

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Love her adorable dress!!

  2. so much fun!!! I love Ts dress...she always looks so cute!

  3. Love her dress (as always!) and what a fun day out. Way to make the most of it mom and get out of the house!!


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