Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our first snowfall of the season!

It's funny how a change in location can alter the way you think about some things. 

Before when I lived in Wilmington, NC, I would have been in Heaven to wake up and see this...

Our first snowfall of the season

But now, living in the north and being a "Yankee" as some of y'all might call it, when I woke up and looked out our front door, I was just like "oh, great, winter came early." Yes, it's pretty, and I did snap a few iPhone pics, but I know what's coming next: months of bitter cold wind and dirty snow that seems like it's never going to melt. 

And then, I saw on Facebook last night that it actually snowed in my southern hometown. Every single one of my friends that is still living in Wilmington had some sort of status displaying their extreme excitement and delight. Many even had pictures of the "dusting." And I thought to myself, if I were living there still, I would be the exact same way. I remember when they used to just CALL for snow back when I was in school and everything would shut down like a hurricane was on the way. We'd all wake up the next morning, and it would be more of a frost on the ground, not even enough to make the smallest snowball, but boy did it make our day!

So, I've decided to embrace winter. After all, there's nothing like a White Christmas, or a White Thanksgiving for that matter, I suppose. And there are perks to having snow. You have an excuse to wear Uggs every day and drink massive amounts of hot chocolate. I know T will love playing in it too. Heck, I might even build a snowman or two this year, who knows! I'm just happy to be alive and lucky to live in such a wonderful place. So, bring on the snow, Mother Nature!

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. We had our first snow this week too!! I like it as long as its pretty & doesn't keep me from getting to/from work ;)

  2. Love this post! You make me smile K. Slater :)


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