Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crew's Newborn Session

The Saturday after Crew was born, we had a photo session with my friend, Jenae of A Perfect Pixel. I've mentioned her before, as she's done lot's of pictures for us in the past. But, I was super excited for this newborn session. She's amazing with kids, especially babies. I call her the "Baby Whisperer." The way she gets them to sleep and poses them is absolutely incredible; truly a work of art. It really takes a special and patient person to do newborn photography, and I'm so lucky to be able to call her not only our photographer, but also a friend! 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from our session. Thank you again Jenae! :o)

Of course, we had to get some with big sister. I had Tinley's dress made just for the occasion. I ordered it from Robella Boutique on Etsy. She has done several dresses for me in the past, including T's First Birthday Dress and Second Birthday Dress. She's the best to work with, and gets your product to you very fast! I'd definitely recommend her for your next special occasion! 
Crew man had a matching bowtie, but we couldn't get it to stay on with big sissy near by... 
these are still some of my favorites, and I'm thinking I'm going to need a 16x20 canvas!

Okay, really, these are some of my favorites! Did I already say that? It's so hard to decide! I was so, so excited for these! As soon as I saw the idea on Pinterest, I knew we had to do something like this, considering Daddy's love for the outdoors and fishing. 
I ordered the crochet fishing outfit from Etsy, and wish I could say had the same positive experience as I've had in the past with other shop owners. I order from Etsy A LOT, but this is the first time I've had an issue. In fact, we didn't even receive the outfit until the DAY OF the session. Luckily, I checked the mail on the way to Jenae's house, and it had come! I was going to be really disappointed if it hadn't, because I knew how cute the photos would be. 
Jenae's wooden crate and our camo crochet blanket a co-worker made for us were the perfect finishing touches. 


Okay, seriously, is this not the cutest little Mickey Mouse you've ever seen?! Once again, his little crochet outfit was an Etsy find. I might have a slight obsession... 
T's Mouse Ruffle Bubble is from Smocked Auctions. Don't the two just look simply adorable together?! And the black and white background, aghh, I just love it all!

Of course, we had to do some nakey pics; classic with every newborn. How fab is the one on the left? I mean, I love them both, but that one is one of my faves. It's just so different. I love that little tushy! (He's going to kill me when he's in high school!)

Okay, these are super special. So, Justin's mom preserved the outfit they brought Justin home from the hospital in, and gave it to us as a gift at the hospital after Crew was born, along with a double photo frame. Thirty years later, and this outfit was like brand spankin' new. It was the sweetest little outfit you'd ever seen! Inside the frame on the left is a picture of Justin the day he came home from the hospital in the outfit. The other side is empty. We brought our own little man home in the exact same outfit. And now, we have the perfect picture to put next to Daddy's picture; in the same outfit. Tears!


  1. These pictures are adorable!! Love them all! Tinley looks like such a great big sister! What a sweetie!

  2. Such an adorable family you have!

  3. These are adorable! Although I'm pretty sure the Mickey Mouse ones are my favorites!


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