Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Monster Pudding Cups

I searched Pinterest high and low for a cute (and easy) treat for Tinley's Halloween party, and after I stumbled across these adorable monster pudding cups I knew I had to make them! Only a few ingredients required and a few simple steps- perfect!
Tinley and I had a blast making these, and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed eating them too! They were so easy, and I plan on making them again for Halloween night with leftover ingredients; I had some trouble finding the short clear cups, and after visiting 3 stores, finally found them in a bulk of 100!
*My only advice when making these is to make sure when drawing the faces on, to draw them low enough so they're not covered up once you top with the Oreo crumbles. Other than that, these couldn't be easier, and everyone will love them! Try using blue or red food coloring, as well as green, for other colored monsters!
Have fun!


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  1. These are so cute! I can't wait to do cute things next year when my little girl is old enough to appreciate the effort! :)

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