Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Overload

Sorry I've been MIA again. There has been so much going on lately, but hopefully we'll be back to our usual routine very soon. Here are some pictures of what we've been up to...

Tinley helping Gigi unload the dishwasher

Tinley and my mom's neighbor, Jack, playing in the fort

High school besties. Love them.

Lunch at Elijah's, my favorite restaurant. Their crab dip is the BEST. Hands down. 

Tinley on the River Walk in downtown Wilmington

Baby Tooker cookies, too cute!

My Valentine's lunch date

Relaxing after a busy day 

Fun time with Gigi

Tinley and the beautiful momma to be!

Annie loved having Tinley visit. She got more people food during that week than she has in her whole life!

Dinner with Nicole & Brandon


Sleepy head on the plane ride home

I love how Tinley is holding Nicole's thumb!

The plane ride to Raleigh

Valentine's Day photo shoot

Tinley, her Grand Mary, and Gigi

Getting some good sleep at Grandpa and Grandma Dyar's! I was nervous how she would sleep in the Pack & Play.

My parent's backyard! Looks like the snow followed me from Ohio. 

Tinley and Mackenzie finally meet for the first time! They're a day apart. 

Great friends already!

Tinley, Grandma Dyar, and Grand Mary

Miss Fashionista

Haven is telling Tinley a secret. 


  1. T is adorable. I love all her lil dresses, especially the Valentine's one. Looks like she is at the super curious and fun age!!

    1. Awe, thanks girl, that's so funny, we call her T too! :o) She is the only grandchild on both sides, so her closet is out of control, and I'm not lying. It's so hard because everything for baby girls is soooo cute. :o) Haha! And yes, she's so fun. Her and I have a great time every day. Always an adventure! Thanks for the comment.

    2. your daughter is absolutely darling. inspires me to get some more dresses for my little one! :)


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