Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

I had so much fun last week with my first link up, that I decided to participate in another one that I've seen a few of my blogging friends post. So, here it is... Trendy Tot Tuesday, sponsored by KellyMegan, & Lindsay. Thanks ladies!

I always said that when I become a mom, I would NEVER be THAT MOM. You know, the one you see at the grocery store in her pajamas with her hair all frazzled, no make-up on, and looking like she hasn't slept for days. Who wants to be THAT MOM? Well, I wouldn't take it that far when it comes to my own personal life, I mean, I do at least shower before I go out, but it never fails... Tinley always looks better than me. Maybe it's because I have more fun dressing her up now that I do my own self. Or maybe, it's because all the baby girl clothes are "sooooo cute." C'mon ladies, I know you've all said it before. No matter where you go shopping, it seems every single thing you see in the baby girl section is just adorable. It's always hard not to buy everything! So, of course, our baby girl's closet is jam-packed with the cutest ruffle tops and smocked dresses. And shoes. The girl literally has more pairs of shoes than I do. A lot of them are still too big, because she has such small feet, but you better believe that I try them all on at least once a month and take inventory to see what she can fit into. Now, don't get me wrong, I still enjoy shopping for myself. Old habits die hard. But, it's just different these days. You all can relate, I'm sure. So, for now, I'll just keep having fun with my baby girl, and just accept the fact that no matter where we go, she's going to steal the show. :o) Hey, I'm fine with that.

Sweater, jeggings, and boots: Gymboree
My step-mom made the hat. I have about 10 different color flowers that we can switch out, depending on what Tinley is wearing. I keep telling her to open her own Etsy shop! 

Happy Tuesday friends! xoxo


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the link up! That outfit is so adorable--I love the head to toe Gymboree outfits with matching little shoes :-) My girls also had a hat with interchangable flowers when they were younger---I loved it!

  2. She's so cute!!!
    It is so hard to stop buying for girls. I have 2 of them, and my husband is just hoping our 4th baby is a boy!

  3. My word! What a doll! LOVE the boots! That Hat!!! Thanks for coming by! Looking forward to seeing more of this doll!

  4. OMG, Tinley is a doll - LOVE that outfit on her!! Thanks for linking up, I'm your newest follower!


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