Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trip to North Carolina

So, this past weekend, Tinley and I took a quick, spur of the moment trip to my hometown state, North Carolina. We went to visit my Grandma, Tinley's Great-Grandma, who is 91, and is not in the best health. We haven't seen her since last May, and I felt it was really important that we go see her in the hospital. Since we left Monday evening, she's actually been moved to the Hospice facility in Raleigh. My mom says its very nice and is super impressed with all the amenities and the friendly staff. They're pretty much just keeping her comfortable, as she's not really sick or in any pain. She just refuses to have any IV's or meds in her, and does not feel like eating. We're all hoping that maybe being in a more comfortable and laid back environment, she'll bounce back to her normal self. It's so hard being away from family at such a time like this. We love you Grandma, and hope you get better soon. 

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