Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

I know, I know, I'm a day late. Sorry. We weren't home at all yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to tell ya'll about our fun weekend I was anxiously looking forward to last Friday! So, here it is.

Friday night called for some relaxation, so Justin & I made dinner together, then went over to The Lowe's for a nightcap. We only stayed for an hour or so, but it obviously was long enough to wear Tinley out, because she slept until 10 am Saturday morning! Which was great. She needed all the rest she could get for Ashy's birthday party. 

And, speaking of the party, here's our favorite 3 year-old, Miss Ashlyn! Isn't she adorable?

Her party Saturday night was great! Lot's of good food and good friends. Nothing better. :o) Here are a few more pics... 

Sunday, we went over to our friends, Scott and Penney's, house to watch some of the Daytona race. Once again, there were lot's of our friends there, and it was nice just to relax and chit chat. There were also lot's of babies and toys, which was nice, because Tinley was easily entertained. She even made a new friend, Elsie. She's our friend, Abbey's, daughter, and she'll be a year old in May. I wish I could've taken more pictures because she is adorable, but this pic shows one of my favorite things about her; her head full of hair! I really wish Tinley had as much as her. Nevertheless, it was a fun afternoon, and great way to end a great weekend. 

How was your weekend?! xoxo


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