Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mike's Visit to Sandusky

A few weeks ago, I wished my father-in-law Happy Birthday! You can read that post here. I also mentioned that he was on his way to Ohio that very moment. And, what a weekend we had! We celebrated his birthday at the Japanese Steakhouse, which Miss T loved, had a super fun Memorial Day cookout with some friends and family, went fishing, and the guys built Tinley a swing set that would make any kid jealous! 

It's always sad when our visitors leave, especially now that Tinley is starting to remember people. But, that's the price we pay for living in a different state than the rest of our famiy. At least we have pictures! Thanks for a wonderful visit Papaw! We love you!

Gifts and Japanese Steakhouse for Papaw's Birthday!

Memorial Day Cookout with friends and family!

 Building the swing set...

Papaw Slater came from WV to visit and help!

Miss T helped supervise... 

It's finally complete!

Papaw relaxing and having fun with his Princess!


  1. This swing set looks amazing, where of where did you find it?!?

  2. Thank you! It was ordered online from Toys R Us! It is sooooo fun! And she can enjoy it for years to come. Thanks for the comment! xoxo

  3. That swing set IS awesome! I love how it's a bit of a playhouse as well. Plus I know I would have loved having a twisty slide like that in my backyard growing up.


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