Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicole's Bachelorette Party!

This past weekend, my best friend got married! I'll have more on that later, but this is all about the bachelorette party we had for her a few weeks ago in Charlotte, NC! What a fun time. I was a little nervous. A- because I was planning the whole thing, and so of course, I wanted everything to be perfect, and B- because I really would only know 3 of the girls, including Nicole. But, I'm an outgoing person, so I really wasn't too worried about that. I knew we would have a great time and by the end of the weekend, all really like each other, and boy was I right! 

Friday, we made the 2 1/2 hour drive from Raleigh to Charlotte. Upon arriving downtown at our hotel, we were greeted with champagne during check-in. Score! The other bridesmaids and I decorated our suite, and we all spent the night opening gifts, playing games, ordering pizza, and just getting to know each other. It was the perfect first night. 

Saturday, we hung out by the pool for a bit, but the clouds started to take over, so we explored the area, where there was TONS going on. What a fun place! Saturday night, we all went to dinner at a cute little pub, then hit up Whiskey River, the largest country bar, and Howl at the Moon, a fun piano bar. Both were walking distance from our hotel. It was a wonderful day and night, and when time came to say goodbye Sunday, it was actually quite sad. I only hope Nicole had a much fun as I did! Here are some pics from the weekend, in no particular order...


  1. Wow it looks like y'all had an amazing time!! Bachelorette parties are the best and being treated to champagne is my kind of hotel!!

  2. Totally agree with you girl! Thank you! xoxo


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