Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday: Monogram Maniac!

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So, it's no secret that southern women love their monograms! And I am no exception, although I'm no longer living in the south... like they say, "you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl!" Anyway, I was putting some of T's laundry away the other day, and realized that EVERYTHING in her room has her name on it. If you don't believe, me, check out pics of her nursery I posted a while back here. Told ya. And her wardrobe is no different. 

It's also no secret that I love to dress Tinley in different clothes. I love little smocked bubbles and dresses that not everyone wears. So, combine the two, and you get this:

Just a small look at some of her monogrammed outfits. Insane, I know, but I figure I don't have too much longer before she is picking out her own crazy outfits, so I might as well enjoy putting her in what I LIKE while I can, right?! Besides, they all look so cute on her!

What do you think? Monogram or no monogram?


  1. Oh my, so cute! I may need to get Ella a few monogrammed outfits one of these days. I just love these!

  2. Love all her monograms (and they are bubbles - my fav!)! So cute!! I tend to do more monograms in the Fall for some reason and I think we only have a few this Summer.

  3. That is awesome, I love all the monogrammed outfits! You need a machine so you can do it yourself! lol!

  4. SO cute! If you ever have another girl you better make sure she has the same initials so that they can pass clothes down ;-)

  5. Love! My favorite is the denim one on the bottom right! Such a sweet style! And monogramed stuff is THEE best for packing away for keepsakes when they get older!

  6. So adorable! That's what Clay's closet would look like if he were a girl!


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