Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday

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With all the hype about His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, also known as the Royal Baby, it got me thinking about little boy fashion. We all oooh and aghhh at Mama Kate's fashion choices, even when pregnant, and so there's no doubt in my mind that the Prince will take after his mama. 

But how would I dress a little man? I'm so used to ruffles and bows and everything pink that I am not even the slightest educated in little boy's fashion. So, I browsed several websites, and here are some things I came up with...

Baby Boy 2

How cute is that bowtie? And those Sperrys? And that cardigan? I just love it all! Mamas of boys, where are your favorite places to shop?


  1. hehe...cute! Every time I see little boy fashion that isn't a tshirt and jeans I think about how glad I am to only have girls--because while *I* think all that stuff is adorable for little boys I know my husband would throw a huge fit if I had ever dressed a boy in something other than sport tshirts or camo print! ;-) Thank goodness for girls lol...he doesn't care about their clothes at all :-P

  2. I ordered those Toms in Navy for my 9 month old. My husband thinks I am nuts and a 9 month old doesn't need shoes, but they were too stinkin' cute! And, oh my that boy tie is adorable!

  3. baby boy stuff is seriously too cute anymore

  4. I must admit... it's the little toms that get me every time! TOO CUTE!

  5. I am sure baby George will be a stylish little man. I would pick the gingham shirt (in gray), jeans, toms and the gray hat!

  6. Love the overall's and Sperrys... heck, I just ordered some Sperry's for myself! :)


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