Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Shower Sunday

Happy Monday all! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend! Our's was spent running errands, helping friends, and relaxing with friends. It was a good one. 

Yesterday, Tinley and I had not 1, but 2 baby showers to attend! Since they were both for good friends, it was impossible to choose one or the other, so I was determined to make it to both. 

We went to Holly's first. You've may or may not have heard me talk about Artsy Occasions, the BEST party planning service. Well, anyway, Holly is the creative force behind it all. She has done so much for me, and we have become good friends. She is such a sweet heart, and I could not wait to see how she would plan her own shower. And, once again, she out did herself! My friend Jamie, from 1826 Photographic was there taking pics, so I didn't take too many, but I couldn't resist snapping a few with my iPhone. 

Check out that candy buffet! YUM!

I am so mad I didn't even get a pic with Holly, but I did get one with 2 3 of my favorite ladies.

After Holly's shower, we quickly rushed to Osborne Park, where my friend Sam's shower was being held. Sam was one of my first friends I made when I moved to Ohio. We worked together, and became super close. She was even in our wedding! We no longer work together, and don't get to see each other or talk nearly as often as I would like, so it was really good to see her and catch up. Her shower had the cutest pumpkin theme, but I didn't get any pics since we got there late. I did however manage to get a quick one of the mommy-to-be and I. 

Doesn't she look great?! 

I couldn't be happier for these 2 ladies and their growing families. I can't wait to meet Calvin & Baby Barnette!

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