Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Hey there friends, have you missed me?! Sorry I've been a little MIA lately, things have just been crazy busy with me going back to work and trying to adjust to a new routine. So far, so good though, just not enough hours in the day. But, I promise I have some exciting stuff coming up to make up for my absence. :o)

Anyway, we have really been embracing our weekends since we don't have every minute together during the week anymore. It's bittersweet, but Tinley absolutely LOVES her sitter and the few other kids she is now around daily. And that makes it so much easier for me. I go to work every morning with a smile knowing she is happy and safe. But, the weekends are no longer just for relaxing. We cram in every fun thing we can think of! This past weekend it was all about fall and Halloween!

Friday night, we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, then went to get some pumpkins to carve. Tinley is a huge fan of pumpkins, and even picked out her own small one. I wasn't too sure how into the whole carving process she would be because she hates messes and getting her hands dirty, but she shocked me! She was a little hesitant in the beginning, but towards the end, she had her entire arm inside the pumpkin scraping out the gunk! 

Saturday morning called for a little Halloween crafting while daddy ran some errands. I bought a pack of 4 wooden ornaments from our local craft store. They came with some markers, glitter glue, and even squiggly eyes, which I put on for T. She had a blast coloring the ornaments, probably because it was her first experience with markers. I'm not sure if she got more on the ornaments themselves, or on her face, but it made for a fun time! And, we have one to send to each set of grandparents for Halloween! I know they will love them. 

What sort of fun things have you done so far this fall? I'd love to hear! Happy Hump day everyone!

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  1. So, please tell which Mex place is your fav...Casa Fiesta??? LOVED T's pumpkin carving! :-) ~ Tracy


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