Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday friends! It's a chilly 20 degrees here this morning and we've been getting snow all week, with more expected tonight and tomorrow. Brrrrrr! Sure wish I was laying on a tropical island somewhere soaking up the sunshine and sipping on a PiƱa Colada (Heck, I'd even take a non-alcoholic one right now)!
But, since I'm not, I figured I could at least help make one lucky lady happy today... Whitney H. you're the winner of the $50 Tiffany&Co Giftcard! Congrats! Check your E-mail!
A big THANK YOU to all who participated and helped spread the word! And thank you for helping me celebrate my little blog's first birthday! I hope we can spend many more together. :o)

Enjoy your weekend, and stay warm!

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