Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome Jovie!

To kick off December, I'm doing what every other parent is doing.... thinking of how to bring out our new Elf and where I'm going to put her each day. Granted, Tinley is not even 2 yet, and she probably won't really get it, or even remember it, but nevertheless, it will be fun for us all. Besides, it's helping us to get in the holiday spirit!

We spent a week in WV for Thansgiving, and before we left, I placed a note from Santa I had created, along with the Elf On The Shelf book on the counter, so it would be waiting for us when we returned home. 

I found the stationary here

When we got home, finished unpacking, and straightened up a bit, we decided it was time to go ahead and decorate the tree. Talk about a chore! Have you ever tried to decorate a Christmas tree with a 2 year old? She actually surprised me and helped by handing all the glass ornaments to me very carefully, the entire time saying "Eeeeeeeeeasy." It was so cute. 

After the tree was up and we had bathtime, I slipped some new Christmas jammies on her and we all read her new book by the tree. I think she liked it!

I can't wait until she wakes up this morning and discovers her new Elf friend, Jovie hiding in the tree!

I can't wait to see what other fun things our Elf gets into this year! The fun has begun! Happy December!

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  1. Bailey loves our Elf! She needs her big bro to help her find him in the morning and doesn't understand what exactly he is/means, but giggles every time she finds him in a new spot! Enjoy!!! :0)


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