Friday, December 21, 2012

A Morning To Reflect

First snow of the year

Well, here I am. Alive and well. (Almost well; my strep throat has gotten much better, thank you meds!) I'm alive at least. According to the Mayans, the world was supposed to end today. But, it didn't. Yet, as I sit here, sipping hot tea and watching our first snow fall of the year, I can't help but think about those that lost their world a week ago. I haven't talked much about the Sandy Hook tragedy, mostly because I'm at a loss for words. I can't wrap my head around it. I remember watching the coverage with my in-laws, completely in shock. That was before they knew the numbers. Before they could accurately report that 20 innocent children, mostly age 6, lost their lives. And then President Obama came on, and gave the most compelling, heartfelt speech I think I've ever seen live on TV before. Watching him cry made me cry. He viewed the tragedy like so many other Americans did, as a parent. I know my daughter is only 11 months old, but I still can not imagine losing her. And so, I, along with the rest of our country, offer my deepest condolences to the families and community of Sandy Hook. I know those little Angels are watching over us. 

20 Angels are now holding hands,
Singing louder than our tears.
20 Angels stepping into the light,
Telling us to live without fear.

Now for some happier news... we made our delivery to our adopted family last night! I didn't take my camera, as I wanted to respect the family's privacy, but trust me when I tell you that they were so very appreciative and grateful. They have moved into another house, and it's very cozy, perfect for their family. We met their little boy also, and he was as cute as a button. He was shy, but he couldn't take his eyes off all the gifts. We only stayed for a minute, just long enough to unload the car, put the presents underneath their tree, and wish them a Merry Christmas. But, those few minutes were so very rewarding, and helped me realize the true meaning of Christmas. It's about family. About togetherness. About helping those in need. So this holiday season, I ask everyone to make a donation, whether it be to a local shelter, Good Will, United Way, your local church, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, anywhere you can. There are so many places that welcome even the smallest donation. Even if you volunteer at your local soup kitchen and help prepare a meal. Every little bit helps the so many families that are in need. Trust me, it will make you feel so good. Even better than a new Michael Kors purse will. :o)

My dad and stepmom are in route to Ohio as we speak. They left North Carolina last night and stayed the night in Charleston, WV to help break up the drive. With this snowstorm we were expected to get, it was probably a good idea. I can't wait for them to get here! Let the holidays begin! 


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