Thursday, April 25, 2013

Countin' down to Cabo!

So our trip to Cabo is almost here... "our" meaning hubs and I. Tinley is staying home this time, and I'm filled with mixed emotions. My mom is flying in tomorrow afternoon to stay the week and watch her, and I've made plenty of lists and notes so I know she'll be fine. They'll actually have a lot of fun. But, it's just going to be hard. The longest I've been away from her was for a long weekend when we went to a wedding. And by Sunday, I was ready to see her. So, it might be rough. But, I'm sure the sun and sand will help ease my mind. And, if that doesn't work, I'll try a daiquiri. Or two. :o) 

This will be our third trip to Cabo. We went for our honeymoon, and then for our babymoon when I was five months pregnant. (So, technically, T has already been!) We love it there. Justin actually went once before without me when he went on a family cruise, but he only stayed for a day. This is what he tells people: "Their two favorite things in Cabo are drinking and fishing. And those just happen to be my favorite two things too." That's why he likes it so much. I like it because it's still considered part of Mexico (it's on the Baja Peninsula), but it's not "dangerous Mexico." We don't worry when we leave our resort, and aren't afraid walking around downtown at night. Yet, we still get the experience of going to Mexico, with the food, drinks, and culture. If you've never been to Cabo, I highly recommend going if you get the chance. I think it's somewhere we will continue to go for years to come. Maybe next year, Tinley will join us. But, I know this year, we are looking forward to spending some "us" time. 

At the airport leaving for our honeymoon and at the airport in Houston waiting for our connecting flight for our babymoon

Taxi ride to downtown Cabo!

At our favorite bar, The Nowhere Bar! The bartender, Francisco, actually still e-mails Justin and is excited about our upcoming trip!

Another fun bar, El Squid Roe!

Fishing excursion during our honeymoon! And Justin's Yellowfin Tuna he caught during our babymoon. I had to skip that trip.

Dinner at our favorite place at the Marina, Lorenzillo's!


  1. I love Cabo! Been there 5 or 6 times! If I can recommend one place you need to try it is Pancho's for dinner! It's amazing. :)

  2. Have a fun trip! It has been such a cool Spring, I could really go for being somewhere warm and tropical right now!

  3. Have a lovely time! I have never been to Cabo, but any vacation involving sun and sand is A-OK with me!

  4. Hope y'all have a great time!!
    I've never been to Cabo but we're talking about planning a trip for just the two of us & flying my parents in to stay with Addie while we are gone. So now it's just figuring out when will work with everyone's schedules.

  5. I agrwe with Libby ~ Pancho's was good! And try to head up to Todos Santos if you can. "Hotel California" is there! Neat little town with dirt roads, art galleries, small boutique stores and some great restaurants. (Los Abuelos if it's still there) Ok, now I'll tell you about the 1st time I left Thommy when he was 6 mths old...well, I couldn't do it! We were heading to San Fran & Tahoe with friends. I said, "The baby goes, or I don't"! So he went! lol!!! And then there was the time we were going to Mexico City & Cancun when the kids were 8, 7 and 5. I sobbed like a baby b/c it was the 1st time we'd left all the kids. The good news was once I got there and was in my element of flip flop, tamales & was ALL good! And you will be FINE, too!!!!! Cherish the time with Justin. You'll have an amazing trip, I'm sure!!! xoxox

  6. hi kelly! i found your blog through the link up on wifessionals. i've enjoyed reading your getting ready for baby posts as i am 33 weeks pregnant with our first, a little boy. we went to cabo for our honeymoon too and LOVED it! we went to lorenzillo's while we were there and it was sooo yummy! i hope you have a great time!

  7. How did your trip to Cabo turn out? Where did you stay in Cabo? I haven't had the opportunity to travel there yet, but I would love to in the future and would love some suggestions from someone who has been there.


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