Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life lately thru photos

Things have been awfully busy around the Slater house lately, so I thought today, we could play catch up with some photos. Thank goodness for i-Phones, don't they take the best pics?!

Finally enjoying some spring weather outside!

Mexican night with her besties!

Mommy's big helper!

Arts and crafts time!

Watching Anastasia

Ready for our road trip to WV, glued to the DVD player!

She was out in 5 minutes. She's not a very good co-pilot!

She got a new WVU uniform! I can't wait for her to wear it this football season. 

Family time with Mimi

We visited Holy Cross Cemetery, where a lot of my family is buried. I loved learning a little family history. (PS- look at that stinker face! Love her!)

My Great-Grandparents

My Great-Great-Grandparents

My Great Aunt and Great Uncle

There really isn't too much to do in my grandparent's small town, so we went to the mall and T got to ride a bunch of rides. I'm still bummed the train was shut down.

Of course, shopping was involved also, the women in our family are notorious for being avid shoppers! T can't hang with us quite yet...

Ready for dinner. 

Deciding what to order!

Tinley, Da, and Aunt Debbie

Tinley and Gracie. My Mimi has had this Goose for years, and it has more outfits than most people! Tinley loved her!

Reading on the porch with Da

Bedtime stories with Mimi

I love the way T is looking at her in this one!

Hooray for Happy Meals!


  1. The iphone camera is just so handy! I always have my phone with me, so must of my pictures are from the iphone. Looks like T has been a busy girl! XO!

  2. love all the pictures, & seriously where would I be without the iphone...

  3. She is absolutely adorable and that is cool you know where your relatives are!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Beautiful babies and cute photos!.... just wanted to let you know I’ve nominated you for a liebster award


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