Monday, April 22, 2013

The future Mr. & Mrs. Opfer!

Saturday night, we went to a couple's shower for two of our best friends, Corey and Clare. The party was held at the gorgeous Sunny Brook Trout Club, and I was so excited for a night out (without Tinley!) with my hubby and our awesome friends. Justin's parents came up from WV for the weekend to watch our sweet girl so we could enjoy ourselves. (THANK YOU! Seriously, you guys are the best!) It was a fabulous party with great food (I'm still tasting that carrot cake. I swear I didn't have 4 slices....), great music, and of course, great friends. Justin ended up getting sick the day before, so we didn't stay as long as we wanted, but it was still a wonderful night. Thanks to Shannon and Joanne for hosting such a fabulous event! Only 90 more days until the main event... I can't wait! We love you guys!

We did a little pregamin' at Water Street before the party with The Lowes' and The Harris'

Jamy and I

Jamy, Lori, and I

Justin, Justin, and Jeremy

Some of the ladies at the party

Hubs and I... we sure clean up nice!

The girls with the groom! Isn't he a stud?!

My bestie and the bride-to-be!

My girls... and a baby!

Some of the guys... aren't they handsome?


  1. New follower here...looks like a great time was had by all & LOVE your dress!

    1. Thanks for following Elizabeth! It was a great night! And thank you so much, I'm currently obsessed with anything chevron, as mentioned in a previous post, haha! xoxo

  2. Wish we cold have been there but we were in Chicago. Heard it was a fun night. You girls all look adorable and your chevron dress was FABULOUS. Love the colors. 90 days until another BAP in the hood. lol :)

    1. We missed all you guys Tracy, but we'll make up for it in 90 days! :o) Can't wait! Thanks! xoxo


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