Thursday, March 7, 2013

Year of Baby Girls

Well, it looks like it's the year of baby girls! And how exciting! After all, who doesn't love tutus and bows?! We all know I do! Yesterday, Denise from Gratefully Inspired found out her and her hubby are expecting a mini Denise (congrats!), and apparently, the newest royal baby is also a girl. That's right; apparently Kate Middleton is having a daughter, according to the rumors. The word on the street is that the Duchess was making a public appearance on Tuesday afternoon, when a wellwisher gave her a teddy bear. One woman in the crowd said she heard Kate respond: “Thank you, I will take that for my d…” before she broke off her comments. Daughter? Is that what you were going to say Kate?! We can only hope. After all, England is in need of some (more!) fresh, female blood. Anyway, this is only speculation, no one really knows for sure, as she is also carrying around a blue diaper bag. Just to throw us off? Perhaps. But, we'll have to wait until July to really know for sure. One thing is certain though... that is going to be one good lookin' baby!

Don't you just love her maternity wardrobe?!


  1. Kate's style is so classic! And I am so excited for Denise!!!

  2. oh i do hope kate is having a girl!!!! that way we can all set up play-dates! tinley can teach me and kate's girls the ropes!


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