Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall & Halloween Crafts

I have always loved being crafty & creative; two things I hope to instill in Tinley as well. I believe that homemade gifts are always the best, and they're fun to make too! 

With fall quickly approaching, and the weather getting cooler, I've been perusing Pinterest to find some indoor crafts we can not only have fun doing together, but also send to the grandparents! Tinley is at an age where she doesn't really like to sit still unless it's to eat or watch Barney, but I have a feeling that if I add in some fun fingerpaints, she'll be more than cooperative. After all, she loves to color, so this isn't much different. Here are a few craft ideas I came across that might be fun and easy for us to do:


  1. So cute, I love crafts too and am trying to get Waverly interested!!! :)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you for sharing these! I need to be better about doing crafts with Ella, and these are perfection. I will definitely be doing some of these come Oct. Thanks!!

  3. I want to do the wine cork tree painting with you guys!
    -Tinley's Tia

  4. Cute ideas! I think I need to try a few of these with my little guy this Fall!

  5. I love the spider! I feel like using hands to make turkeys is expected these days, but the spider feels like a new spin on an old favorite.


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