Thursday, September 26, 2013

SAHM v. Working Mom

Before Tinley was born, it was decided that I would take my short maternity leave and then return back to work 6 weeks later. We visited daycares and talked to numerous friends, before we finally found a babysitter we loved who watched children out of her home. We were all set to take Tinley to her in April, once I would go back to work. 

Well, the time came for me to take Tinley to her house and return to work. I dropped her off, and had to go home to touch up my makeup before heading into work. To say I was a wreck would be an understatement. I thought about Tinley all day long and must have checked my phone at least 3 dozen times before getting off work and rushing to pick her up. That night, Justin and I decided as a family that I would put in my two weeks notice the next day and become a stay at home mom. It was the best decision I have ever made. These last 20 months spent at home with our baby girl have been exhausting at times, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

For those of you who think being a SAHM is easy, just check this out...

And, I absolutely LOVED this...

Like I said, being a SAHM is no joke. It's a lot of work. So many jobs rolled into 1. It's not for everyone. And it has been as really tough decision. I have been so fortunate to be able to stay at home with Tinley for 20 months, and I have my wonderful, supportive, husband to thank for that. I've witnessed every milestone, enjoyed countless play dates, had way more cuddles that I could ever try to count, and changed one too many diapers. But, we have decided once again as a family that it's time for me to return to work. Now that Tinley is older, I feel comfortable leaving her with our sitter. I'm not afraid I will miss something, and I know it's not like someone else is raising my child. The extra time around other kids will only be an advantage to her. This will benefit our family, and although it will be a HUGE adjustment, I know that things will all work out. 

So, friends, pray for me and my family during these next few weeks as we make this big change. And, pray for my sanity. :o)

What do you mamas think? I know so many of you do stay at home; I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. praying! It will be great. Now, you have to do most of those things plus work, but hey, we always find a way, that's what mommies do! You will be great!!

  2. Being a sahm is tough & stressful at times I agree...but I dont know how moms that work AND take care of the kids do it! I have a few friends that are working moms and I give them so much credit

    awe you will be awesome!!

  3. Good luck! I worked until my oldest was one year was hard, but doable. Raya was totally fine! It was me who missed her, etc. (The main reason I decided to stay home after a year was more to do with cooking/housework/etc....we had a really hard time getting anything done when we both were working ...I'd pick her up and then just want to play with her all night and nothing else got done lol).

    That said, I'm going back to work next fall! My oldest will be in Kindergarten and my youngest will be in preschool part time and daycare the rest. I'm actually looking forward to it! Think of all the positives of going back to work---more money, peaceful lunches and bathroom breaks, and absence makes the heart grow fonder :-P

  4. I remember crying when Abigail turned 6 weeks old thinking about how small and tiny and dependent she still was, and how there are women who have to leave their kids then. It made me so upset!

    I've always wanted to be a SAHM. For my whole life. So, for me, it's a dream realized. People always tell me, "Well once she goes to school you can go back to work!" But, we're planning on homeschooling. So...that won't really work for us :)

  5. LOVED reading this! I work one day a week only because my parents watch her! I can't even bring myself to leave Mia in the gym daycare for an hour.... yet. The idea of someone watching my baby who doesn't love her just tears my heart up! But when she gets a little older I will totally be more comfortable with the idea of leaving her at daycares or with a babysitter. And I think it will benefit Mia to be around other people (to realize she can survive without me... which she is already great about. I just don't want her to have major stranger danger towards anyone but me, you know?) and to be around other kids! The only way she will learn to share and be good with other kids is to actually be around them!
    Good luck going back to work! Everything will be GREAT :)

  6. I stayed home with my son for almost 16 months and i'm back to work now. I'm a teacher and was lucky enough to be able to take a year off and return to my same class and school. So when I went back it was like I didn't skip a beat and it felt kind of great to be in my "old" life again. Daycare has been sooooooo great for my son too. He's growing and learning so much and being with other kids is exactly what he needs. I couldn't be happier with our daycare.

    I think the best case would be to work part time (like 3 days a week.) That would definitely be my ideal situation.

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