Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cabo: Part 2, Todos Santos

Justin and I have been to Cabo several times, and every time we go, we kind of do the same thing. Mind you, I'm definitely not complaining, because it's one of our favorite places in the world. But, this time, we wanted to do a little something different. When Jorge, our driver, picked us up from the airport   when we arrived, he told us about a little town about an hour north of Cabo, called Todos Santos. Justin does lot's of research on the area, so he had heard of it before, and had mentioned going before Jorge even did. Jorge just talked us into going once he said he would pick us up from the hotel, and tour us around the town for 6 hours, showing us all the hot spots. He'd even bring a cooler of Coronitas for the road. Sold! Once we arrived at the hotel, we had about a 30 minute wait until we could check in, so we headed to the lobby bar, ordered some mojitos, and booked our excursion online for Tuesday, April 30th. Jorge would be picking us up at 9:30am. 

He was right on time! He picked us up and we made the hour drive to Todos Santos, a very artsy town north of Cabo, full of culture. We drove around the town for a bit, and then he parked and we got out and walked the rest of the time. Our first stop was La Misión, or the church. Almost everyone in Mexico is Catholic, let me tell you, they are all about their religion! Some even go twice a day. The inside of La Misión de Todos Santos was just gorgeous. 

This was right outside La Misión de Todos Santos, looking over the outskirts of Todos Santos. 

We walked around downtown, and came to the town square, with a gazebo, stage, and even a small theatre. They were setting up the square for El Día Del Niño, or Children's Day. We even passed by a school where we saw some kids celebrating. It was so neat!

We made our way to the Cultural Center, where they had replicas of the way the first settlers in Todos Santos lived. This was the inside of the hut where they would sleep. Notice the baby cradle!

And this was the kitchen. It's amazing to see how people lived way before we did. I don't think I could ever live like they did...

These plants are aloe vera, what us Americans bathe in when we get sunburned! This is where they grow and make it.

We did some shopping in the local shops, and even bought Tinley the cutest handmade dress. I did dress her up in it on Cinco de Mayo, but she wasn't feeling good, so I didn't get a pic. I'll try to get one soon. But, just take my word for it, she looks adorable in it!

Todos Santos is probably most well-known for Hotel California. Yes, like the song! Although it is still a fully operating hotel (that isn't too expensive to stay at actually!), it's mostly used as a tourist destination. 

At the entrance of Hotel California

There's a gorgeous courtyard out back that they have turned into a restaurant. Justin and I couldn't resist getting some drinks and a snack out there. 

After our bellies were full and we were shopped out, we got in the car, and headed to la playa, or the beach! Jorge knew of the coolest beach club called El Cerritos Surf and Beach Club, where they have tables set out on the sand and they bring you drinks for as long as you want. Seriously, I could've sat there all day drinking banana daiquiris and watching the surfers. But, our tour was only 6 hours and we had 1 final stop to make. 

At km 69 in between Cabo and Todos Santos, sits this small place called Art & Beer. From the outside, it doesn't look like much. Even Jorge had never before been inside. But, once we walked in, we knew we wouldn't want to leave. This place is indescribable. Really. Justin and I still have yet to be able to put it into words when talking to friends and family about our trip. "It was just the coolest place ever," we end up saying! But, for your sake, I'll try my best to put it into words. Basically, it's this hut owned by 2 hippies, a husband and wife, that have traveled the world and have photos from their travels all over the place. They make their drinks from all natural ingredients, and are best known for their mojitos and Bloody Mary's. Their food is as fresh as it gets. And they're the nicest people. Anyway, after you order a drink, you can sit inside, or go outside, and take a walk. A longggg walk, down this boardwalk they've built through the desert, with the coolest, most modern pieces of art you have ever seen. And this goes on for miles and miles. I was just in awe as I walked and starred. Really. Like I said, there are no words! I recommend anyone that's in the area to go to Art & Beer. And look for my picture with the owner hanging somewhere! Here are some pictures from our visit, since I'm struggling with words... 



Pina Colada

Fresh clams with hot sauce!

The view from the balcony

Playing around with my panorama settings on my iPhone. I wished I had my nice camera for this trip! This was from the balcony also. Just amazing. 

Justin sampled their tequila. He liked it so much, he bought a bottle! My favorite part: The owner's face is on the bottle!

Delicious mojito!

The owner

They even gave us road sodies! No idea what this beer was, but it was little!

What a great day! These pictures are making me want to go back already...

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