Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cabo Part 3: New Friends

While in Cabo a few weeks ago, Justin and I met some amazing people! Normally when we're on our vacations, we socialize, but don't spend a lot of time with people we meet. This was not the case this trip, but I'm sure glad we did because we enjoyed meeting and spending time with them all! And, although we all live across the country, and even in Canada, thanks to today's technology, we are able to keep in touch. Here are some pics of some of our new friends:

We met Laura and Andrew (the doctors from New York) and Crystal and Mike (from San Jose, California, not Mexico) at the pool one afternoon, and we all 6 hit it off, so we spent a night on the town having a delicious dinner and then bar hopping. What a fun night! We hung out the entire next day with Laura and Andrew at the pool and talked all about our night. They were all awesome, and I wish we all lived closer!

We met Liz and Lauren (a mother-daughter duo from Canada) at the pool one day and had a great afternoon! A few days later, we spent a day with them at Medano Beach drinking at Mango Deck and swimming. We also saw them at many meals and around the hotel. They even met us in the lobby before we were leaving to say good-bye! They were both so sweet. 

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