Wednesday, January 1, 2014

{2013} in Review

I can't believe 2014 is already upon us. I feel like we were just ringing in 2013, and now a whole year has passed before our eyes. It's been a good great year filled with laughs and tears, and as I look back and reminisce, I can't help but think how very blessed we are.
NYE at the Lowe's house with a fondue and champagne dinner and dessert. Tinley takes her official first steps

Addison turns 5
Tinley attends her first baby shower for the Opfer twins
Tinley does a photo shoot for 1826 Photographic
We celebrate Tinley's 1st Birthday with all of our friends and family

Tinley takes her first plane ride (her first official plane ride, she went to Cabo when she was in my belly!) to NC to visit my Grandma.
The Opfer twin girls are born
We celebrate Ashlyn's 3rd Birthday
Tinley's 2nd Valentine's Day
My Grandma passes away, and Tinley and I spend more time in NC visiting family and friends, including surprising one of my best friends, Jaclyn, at her baby shower
Tinley pee-pees on the potty for the first time
Tinley does a photo shoot for K&K Baby
We celebrate St. Patty's Day with all our friends and kiddos
We celebrate Easter and Kaden's 5th Birthday with family
Jaclyn and Marcus welcome Baby Grayson
We celebrate Corey and Clare's engagement
Tinley and I travel to WV to spend time with family
Justin and I take our first vacation without Tinley to Cabo for a week
I travel to Charlotte, NC for my best friend, Nicole's, bachelorette party
Clare's Bachelorette Party in Cleveland
We celebrate our 2nd Mother's Day
Justin's Dad makes a visit to Sandusky for his birthday/Memorial weekend. Justin's Grandpa also comes to visit, and the 3 Slater men build Tinley's swingset! We also host our first Memorial Day cookout.
My Mimi passes away, and Tinley and I spend more time in WV with family
Tinley takes her first trip to Cedar Point and loves it
Tinley's first trip to Soak City! Little did we know she would want to go every day

We have our first picnic at Osborne Park
We celebrate Father's Day at the pool with all our friends and their kiddos
Tinley has her first beach day
Justin and I attend Mike and Misty's Wedding
Kelly gets a new car
Nicole and Brandon get married! We spend some time in NC celebrating with family and friends
We celebrate July 4th with family
Numerous trips to Soak City and Cedar Point
Tinley wins "Smocked-a-Lot's" Summer Photo contest

My parents come up for a visit
Corey and Clare get married
Tinley finally slides down the slide by herself at Soak City
We make our first summer visit to Kelley's Island
Tinley's first trip to the Cleveland Zoo

Justin and I celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary
We run our first 5K, The Color Run, in WV over Labor Day Weekend with some great friends
My parents come for a visit
Lot's of trips to Soak City and Cedar Point
Tinley and mommy are on a Facebook Ad for Lolly Wolly Doodle for matching dresses
Baby MJ is born

Tinley and Mommy spend the day at Shoreline Park
We take a trip to Lodi Outlets with the Lowe family
We celebrate Coen's 2nd Birthday
Tinley does a photo shoot for Tu-2 Sisters
We attend Holly's Baby Shower
We attend Sam's Baby Shower
We visit the pumpkin patch and apple orchard

Justin turns 30 and I pull off a surprise party
Tinley's first trip to the circus
We carve pumpkins
Baby Lowe is a boy
Tinley's 2nd Halloween
We have family pictures made for the first time since Tinley was 5 months old
We travel to WV for a week for Thanksgiving
Tinley visits Build-a-Bear for the first time with Mamaw and builds Frosty the Snowman
Justin kills an 8 point

We have our first snowfall in Sandusky

Baby Slater #2 is on the way
We host our 3rd Annual Slater Christmas party with our best friends
Kelly turns 28
Lot's of family visits
Tinley's Elf, Jovie, comes to live with us for the month
Baby Calvin is born
Baby Vivien is born

Pictures with Santa

Tinley's 2nd Christmas
So many friends are getting engaged, married, and pregnant; so many babies are being born; and so many wonderful things are in store for 2014, I just know it. Here's to our best year yet! Happy New Year!


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    1. Indeed, what a year it was! Looking forward to 2014 and all that's in store! Happy New Year girl!


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