Thursday, January 2, 2014

Baby #2's Nursery

So tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for; the day we find out if we are Team Blue or Team Pink. Will Tinley have a little brother or sister? I have to admit, this time around, I am really impartial. I guess I'll give the cliché answer, "as long as it's healthy." Because honestly, this time, it's so true. I would love a boy, because then we'd have one of each. But, then again, I'd love another girl too. And, a girl would be much more convenient, seeing as how our entire is our house is pink. Literally. If it's a boy, we have to go buy everything. When we were registering for Tinley, I was in the mindset that she would be the only child, so everything, from the stroller to the pack-N-play to the swing is pink. If it's a boy, we will be having one heck of a yardsale!
Anyway, one reason why I'm so excited to find out the gender is so we can finally start decorating the nursery! Justin and I had so much fun doing Tinley's nursery, and it's our favorite room in the house, so I'm looking forward to doing another one.
I've been going back and fourth as to what color palette I want to go with. At first I was thinking grey and yellow, no matter if it was a boy or a girl. Then Justin pointed out that yellow might be too feminine for a boy, so I went to grey and white. But, then after browsing Pinterest, I came across a navy blue and lime green nursery with chevron accents and I fell in love! I really like that for a boy, especially since we will do dark furniture. Here is a little inspiration board I put together for an adorable baby boy's lime and navy nursery:

Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

Grey and Yellow


  1. So exciting!!! I would be in the sane bots with a boy, we have total pink overload!! Can't wait to hear!!

  2. So exciting! I'm going to root for team girl, just because I'm partial to the two girl thing ;-) I love both nurseries though! Good luck tomorrow :-)

  3. Two girls are a ton of fun and they get to be sisters!! We only wanted two girls and we don't miss not having a boy!

  4. Saw your comment on our nusery #3 inspiration about the Harper bedding and had to tell you that it's even better in person. So soft. I love the navy and green--we did that with our son's big boy room. Good luck with the planning!

    1. Awe, thanks girl! I'll let you know what we come up with. My daughter's bedding is from PBK too and I LOVE IT! Just too many options, haha! Good luck to you too! :o)


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