Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Little Man Fashion

Ever since I found out that we're expecting a little boy, I've been busy browsing websites and pinning adorable outfits for our little man. And boy oh boy, is it a big change from shopping for a girl! Everyone always says there isn't cute stuff out there for boys, but I couldn't disagree more! It's just different than little girl fashion. But, I have to admit, that I love them both! (Okay, so maybe I just love shopping in general!) But, it's still a nice chance of pace. 

Right now, I'm currently obsessing over Ralph Lauren's baby boy line. I've always loved their baby line for Tinley, but I've never really shopped their boy clothes... and perhaps I shouldn't have started because I'm dying over here! Here are some of my faves:

Little Man

What do y'all think? Boy mamas, where do you like to shop?

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  1. Love it!!! I actually always see boy stuff I like, baby gap is by far my fave!!! Congrats momma!!!

  2. I have to agree ^ baby gap! My son is 20 months and his thighs have always been chunky and I know this may be weird but I have had good luck at H&M (European style I know), gymboree and occasionally I will buy from janie and jack. Shoes have to be extra wide so I shop at stride rite although when he was younger we tried toms and a few others:)

  3. My son wears a lot of Ralph Lauren, its classic, its my go to & love Janie & Jack

  4. If I had a boy he'd wear Next (www.nextdirect.com) every single day! :-)

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