Monday, January 20, 2014

24 Week Bumpdate

Happy Monday!
Yesterday I was 24 weeks, I can't believe it!
I love the way Tinley is mimicking me in this picture... what  a ham!
How Far Along:
24 weeks and 1 day

Size of baby: 
According to The Bump, baby is the size of a cantaloupe!
Maternity Clothes:
Yes and no... lots of my sweaters and tunics still fit, but I'm finding leggings and maternity jeans are quickly becoming the most comfy bottoms.

It's a boy! In case you missed that announcement, click here!

Little man is very active these days and I love it!

Still doing good, but it's getting harder and harder to get comfortable on my side these days.... I can't wait to sleep on my belly again!

What I miss: 
Rare steak. Mountain Dew. Wine. Beer. Champagne. Anything alcoholic really... we threw my girlfriend a baby shower this past weekend, and the fruity, alcoholic drinks looked and smelled out of this world!

Veggies, salad, and anything sweet.

Starting to have more pressure going on "down there," especially when I walk a lot, and I was having some bad back pains last week and the week before.

Favorite Moment This Week: 
Feeling more and more movements, discussing names/nursery options, and celebrating Baby Boy Lowe!

Worst Moment This Week:
I honestly haven't had any. :o)

Looking Forward To:
Tinley's 2nd Birthday Friday and 2nd Birthday Party Saturday! Can't wait to celebrate our baby girl with all our friends and family. I can not believe she will be 2.



  1. You look great (and it seems like you're feeling great, too)! I'm almost at 17 weeks and am still waiting for the baby bump to show up.... I'm getting impatient! :-)

    1. Thanks Lisa! And don't rush it, before you know it, you'll "pop!" :o) Hope you are feeling well too!


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