Friday, April 11, 2014

1826 Photographic

"There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs." ~Ansel Adams

I've mentioned before my girlfriend's photography business, but when I saw this video by the talented Joey Cassel at Indie Treehouse, I couldn't resist sharing it, and bragging about her again! Her talents are endless and she is so much fun to work with!

Meet Jamie Speer, owner of 1826 Photographic

We've used Jamie for numerous events, and each time, she never ceased to disappoint.

She shot our maternity photos with Tinley. These made me smile as I looked at them- it seems just like yesterday!

She came to our house and shot Tinley's newborn session a few days after she was born. I am still in love with so many of these precious photos of our sweet girl!

She did a holiday photo shoot with Tinley and used her for advertising. So much fun for us all!

She came to Tinley's First Birthday Party and took pictures. This is something I am SO GLAD we did because Justin and I both were busy the entire time. And we didn't want the grandparents, or even friends to worry about having to snap pics; we wanted everyone to enjoy themselves. She managed to capture every single detail, without ever being in the way, and for that, she is amazing! 

And, she does weddings too! She did our cousin's wedding, and I can not tell you how gorgeous the pictures turned out! I know personally that your wedding day can be stressful, and the last thing you want is someone in your face snapping pictures. But, Jamie made things fun, and kept us all laughing the entire day! And, she once again, managed to capture every special moment, from getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception that went hours into the night. If you are a bride-to-be, I would definitely recommend Jamie and 1826 Photographic!

Finding a good photographer can be so difficult. You want it to be someone you trust, and who's work you appreciate and like, but mostly, it has to be someone that makes you feel comfortable. And can make things fun. This is what Jamie does best. Most importantly, she is a great friend, and I am lucky and honored to know her and call her one of mine. Thank you Jamie, you are simply amazing, and we love you!


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