Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

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On Saturday, we went to an Easter Egg Hunt that was put on by a local business. We went to this one a few years ago with some friends, but Tinley was only a few months old and we didn't participate. So, needless to say, I was a little excited to watch how she would react. She loves playing with plastic Easter eggs; taking them out of her basket, opening them, closing them, and putting them back in her basket. She could do this for hours! But, as far as pushing her way through crowds (and boy, was there a crowd!) to pick up eggs and put them in her basket... I was a little unsure how it would all play out.
Nevertheless, I dressed T in one of her Smocked Auctions Easter dresses.(because who DOESN'T wear a dress to an Easter egg hunt?!) Okay, really, I was excited that A- it was 70 degrees out, and B- she was actually able to wear one of her Easter dresses. We have 2 from last year she didn't get to wear, because it's still too cold up here on Easter. So, I didn't care, she was wearing the dress. Besides, she loved the bunny's tail made of yarn. She wore her new Saltwater Sandals and I topped her look off with a solid white bow. She looked mighty springy, but hey, it is mid-April! Come on Ohio, catch on! (Did I mention we are expecting an inch of snow tonight? What the heck!?) Don't worry, we took a white sweater, just in case, which did come in handy because it was pretty windy.


Seriously, I can't even handle her and her sassiness. She refused to take off her sunglasses. I think she's as excited as I am to see the sun!
Walking to the hunt with her pals
Waiting patiently for their turn. They split it up by age groups, which helped a lot with the chaos!
On your marks. Get set. GO!
"Come on Tinley!"
"What do I do now mommy?"
T and Coco
Her BFF's
The hunt was over in .2 seconds (okay, maybe it was more like 30 seconds) but it was still a fun time with good friends, and a tradition that we will continue year after year.


  1. Hey, I'm visiting from the link up. The dress is just adorable. I love the little bunny tail. I love the sunglasses picture!



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