Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Little Things Wednesday Link-Up

Happy Wednesday, we're halfway through the week!
 Today, I'm linking up with Ashley from Words About Waverly and Jess from Sadie Sky Boutique for "It's the Little Things."

There is something about the sunshine and warm weather that just makes you feel better. Maybe it's because I grew up on the southern coast and spent many a days at the beach, but when I'm outside, especially in the sunshine, my entire mood changes. And I think that rubbed off on my daughter. 

Or, it could be the fact that she gets to do all kinds of fun things when it's nice outside, like ride her Minnie car- a Christmas gift from Santa that she finally used for the first time Sunday!

I think she was just as happy as we were to finally get outside and enjoy the fresh air. She took in all the sights and sounds. She ran around in the grass, and even busted out a forward roll or two. She is going to be so much fun this summer, and I'm so looking forward to it!
I apologize in advance for the picture overload...

Won't you join in the link-up fun?



  1. Adorable photos! My daughter has a very similar quad she got last year for her birthday! This reminds me we need to get it charged and ready for her!

  2. I'm super excited for a car type thing that Aria can make move so I don't have to push it =) It is still a bit off, but one can dream.


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