Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tinley's Big Sister Basket

I want to do something special for Tinley when the baby arrives to make sure she doesn't feel left out, and I came across the cutest idea on Pinterest... a big sister basket! I'm thinking I will have this at the hospital waiting for her when she comes to meet her little brother for the first time. Or maybe I'll give it to her when we come home from the hospital. I haven't decided yet, but either way, it's definitely something I want to put together for her. Here a few ideas I have in mind. Suggestions are welcome. :o)

A personalized coloring book because what toddler doesn't love arts and crafts?

A carrier for her Bitty Baby so she can carry her baby around like mommy

A new dress to meet her little brother in style!

A mother-daughter necklace... okay, so this is a gift for me too, but I think she will love it! Isn't is the sweetest?

A super cute new personalized sippy cup because what toddler wouldn't want one? Heck, I want one!


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  2. Love this idea, you are such a sweet mama!!

  3. I totally love the mama/daughter necklace and the new personalized sippy cup! Oh and the baby carrier?! Genius! Do you use an ergo? they make ones for baby dolls that look exactly like the real carriers! Great ideas momma! She's going to love this!


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